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May is Early Childhood Education Month!

April 29, 2021

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Did you know that your child's brain is almost fully grown when they are just six years old? When you help your child learn before age six, you are building a foundation for social, emotional, physical and academic skills that will last a lifetime!

Simple activities like dancing, singing, talking, reading, playing and exploring with your child help to build their cognitive skills, language skills, spatial and math concepts, social skills, empathy, motor skills and problem-solving skills.

Browse through the resources and videos below!

Chinook Prekindergarten

The Prekindergarten program is designed for students, ages 3 or 4, who require extra support prior to starting school. A child who demonstrates a challenge in the area of social, behavioral, emotional, cognitive or communicative skills will be considered. Other factors that are specific to each child will also be taken into consideration. Our aim is for the children with the greatest needs to be served and therefore a number of criteria have been determined based on community needs. Prekindergarten Application​

Regional KidsFirst 

Regional KidsFirst provides group opportunities, events and tools to families in smaller urban and rural communities across the province where early learning opportunities may be limited. Programming is focused on making early learning opportunities more accessible and growing parent knowledge and skills.

Together We’re Learning​

Every one of us can make a difference in a child’s future. There are a variety of ways you can start helping your child learn today!


Learning by Talking Together​

When you talk to your child, even if they can’t talk back, their brain is developing important communication and language skills.


Listening to your Child​

The simple act of allowing your child to coo, babble, speak or tell you a story while making eye contact and responding does wonders for your young child’s development.


Reading Together

Reading is the single most important thing you can do to develop your child's future literacy.


Play with a Ball Together​

Playing together helps your child develop social, emotional and communication skills.


Learning by Singing Together​

Math, language and memory skills – all these important skills can be developed by the simple and rewarding act of singing together at home!


Playing Pretend Games Together

House, doctor, pirates, vet, superheroes, princesses, dinosaurs and more! When you play pretend games together, your child is learning.


Laugh and be Silly Together​

Your child is learning important skills like social skills, creativity, and positive self-esteem when you are simply laughing and being silly together!


Cook and Bake Together​

Cooking and baking is a fun and productive activity will help your child develop their curiosity, languages skills and more.


Learning by doing Chores and Errands

Doing chores and errands is an excellent way to help your child develop important brain building skills.


Learning by Exploring Together​

Exploring in your yard with your children is a sensory development packed activity which fuels their curiosity and helps develop their understanding of how things work!​


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