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Strategic Plan

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Chinook Board of Education

2023-2024 Strategic Plan

The Chinook Board of Education has established the strategic plan as a major component of its leadership vision. It is intended that this plan will provide a flexible blueprint to direct the activities of the Board through the 2023-2024 school year. When successful, these activities will actualize the Foundational Statements.​​

​Provincial Education Plan​

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Education released the Provincial Education Plan (PEP) in the fall. The long-term provincial education plan represents a commitment to Saskatchewan students and their families. The focus of the plan is on supporting students in learning what they need for their future, to ensure students feel safe and supported, and that they belong, are valued and can be themselves in their schools, families and communities. 

The long-term PEP will focus on the needs of all Prekindergarten to Grade 12 students. This plan reflects the diversity of the province and ensures the presence and voices of First Nations and Métis education organizations are heard and felt throughout, as part of the journey towards reconciliation in Saskatchewan. The provincial education plan actions build resiliency in students and the foundational skills, knowledge and competencies they will need for their future. The actions support transitions and pathways through the K-12 system toward participation in future learning, work, career, entrepreneurship and adult life. 

The first year of the new Provincial Education Plan will be in place from 2023-2030. Four priority actions of equal importance will be undertaken in the plan: 

  1. Learning and Assessment;
  2. Indigenous Education;
  3. Mental Health and Well-Being, and;
  4. Student Transitions. 
These actions will be assessed and updated over the course of the plan as the work progresses, priorities shift and we adapt to the ever-changing landscape of education.

Chinook School Division Level 2 Plan

Chinook School Division’s Level 2 plan is aligned with the Provincial Education Plan. The following areas will be measured within the Level 2 plan: 

  • By June 2024, 90% of Kindergarten students will be in Tier 1 according to the Early Years Evaluation.
  • By June 2024, 75% of Grade 3 students will be reading at or above grade level as measured on the Fountas and Pinnell and GB+.
  • By June 2024, students will feel connected and supported at school with less anxiety and more access to supports as measured by OurSchool data.
  • By June 2024, 90% of students with at least 80% attendance.
  • By June 2024, 75% of students with at least 90% attendance.
  • By June 2024, 90% of students who graduate within 3 years of entering Grade 10.
  • By June 2024, 94% of students who graduate within 5 years of entering Grade 10.
  • By January 2024, all committees with admin and teachers will be created in the four areas of the Chinook Level 2 Action Plan to provide direction.
  • By June 2023, 100% of SCC’s will have implemented a Community Engagement and Alignment Plan.
The division priorities​ were also identified for 2023-2024, along with the enduring strategies that will continue within Chinook. The priorities include: 
  • Teaching and Learning - Improve student outcomes through effective assessment practices that guide and strengthen responsive instruction.
  • Student Transitions - Enhance opportunities for learners and their families and support transitions as learners enter and progress through school to graduation and determine a life pathway.
  • Mental Health and Well Being - Enrich and enhance mental health and well-being capacity in students.
  • Inspiring Success - Actualize the vision and goals of Inspiring Success: PreK-12 FNMI Education Policy Framework. ​

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