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Chinook Board Re-elects Chair and Vice Chair

November 23, 2020

Chair-ViceChair (2020-21).jpg
At the Chinook School Division Board Organizational Meeting on November 23, the Board re-elected Kim Pridmore to continue as Board Chair and Katelyn Toney to continue as Vice Chair for the 2020-2021 term. Congratulations to Kim and Katelyn!

External Committees Appointments:

Public Board Section and SSBA (Saskatchewan School Boards Association) Members Council: Shane Andrus
South West Municipal Government Committee: Tim Ramage
SWAC (South West Athletics Council): Ken Duncalfe
SAMA (Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency): Dianne Hahn

Standing Committees Appointments:
Finance: Gwen Humphrey, Rachael Eliason, Ken Duncalfe
Facilities: Susan Mouland, Dianne Hahn, Rachelle Patzer
Transportation: Rachelle Patzer, Susan Mouland, Shane Andrus
Technology: Dianne Hahn
Employee Satisfaction and Engagement: Rachael Eliason

Chair: Kim Pridmore
Vice-Chair: Katelyn Toney
** Kim Pridmore, Katelyn Toney and Acting Director Mark Benesh will be de facto members of all Standing Committees

The Board also welcomed three new trustees:
Rachael​ Eliason elected in Subdivision 2 – Cabri, Hazlet, Stewart Valley, Success;
Rachelle Patzer elected in Subdivision 3 - Herbert, Hodgeville, Waldeck; and
Ken Duncalfe​ elected as one of the three trustees in Subdivision 8 – Swift Current 

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