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Chinook Receives Top Marks in Provincial Math Audit

May 14, 2020

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From 2011-2015, Chinook schools had a focus on math with a goal to strategically improve the understanding and instruction of math through resources, training and coaching. Over the course of the “Math Momentum” initiative, the division’s math scores went from 72.5% to 90%, which is a 17.5% increase over five years. 
Since 2016, Chinook schools have been in a maintenance phase with Guided Math practices. Teachers new to Chinook or new to a math assignment are also trained in Chinook’s math methodology. 

In 2019, Chinook School Division was chosen by the Provincial Auditor to participate in a functional assessment of its math practices. The audit assessed whether the division’s math plan, training, coaching, resources, practices and the implementation and alignment of the division’s work supported the math outcome identified in the province’s Educational Strategic Sector Plan (ESSP).

The Provincial Auditor concluded that Chinook has implemented successful processes to meet the math goals outlined in the ESSP. The report concluded that “...for the 13-month period ended December 21, 2018, the Chinook School Division No. 211 had effective processes to support Grade 2 students in achieving grade level in math to meet the Education Sector Strategic Plan goal of 80% by 2020.” 

The Provincial Auditor stated that it was their hope that many of Chinook’s math practices would be replicated throughout the province. “We were very pleasantly surprised that the provincial auditor’s office acknowledged and supported the many positive math practices in our grade 2 classrooms,“ said Director of Education, Kyle McIntyre. “This is a huge credit to everyone involved with our Math Momentum plan coordination and implementation. Thank you to Curriculum Coordinator, Ed Varjassy, for his leadership, and to our coaches for their expertise and support of teachers and students. Our teachers and administrators have done an incredible job using their passion for math to help students succeed.”

Math exists in everyone’s daily lives. The ability to understand and be comfortable with math is a life-long skill that is second only to literacy.

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