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Chinook Trustee Profile: Kim Pridmore

October 25, 2019

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Chinook School Division is featuring profiles on our Board members. We gave them a series of questions to answer so our families and communities can get to know them a little better...

Trustee Profile: KIM PRIDMORE

Kim is currently the Board Chair and is the Trustee for Subdivision 5. Consul, Sidney Street and Maple Creek Composite School are the public schools; and Spring Creek, Downie Lake, Box Elder, Cypress and East Fairwell colony schools; as well as the Nekaneet Reserve. Kim was elected to the Chinook Board of Education in the 2016 election.

1. Why did you become a trustee?
I think it’s extremely important to have local representation so that the interests of our rural schools are protected. I have a genuine desire to learn more about education in the province and how we can continue to improve the school experience for students and staff in the southwest.

2. What do you feel you bring to the Board table?
Serving on the SCC for several years and being a spare bus driver gave me insight as to how things work in the Division. I feel I bring a practical, common sense approach to problem solving and a willingness to listen and see different viewpoints.

3. What kinds of things does a board of education do?
A board of education works closely with senior administration to set policies and make decisions that are in the best interests of all the students in our division. We work hard to ensure that education in the southwest is as high quality as anywhere in the province and beyond.

4. What is your most memorable school event or activity you have been a part of?
I have had the privilege of attending many memorable school events as a trustee. Maverick High School Graduation, and the annual Hutterian Track Meet stand out, as well as being able to present long service awards to staff.

5. What do you feel is one of the most important issues facing the Education sector today?
Appropriate investment to the education sector is of utmost importance to ensure the future success of our province’s youth.

6. What is your most heart-warming and/or funniest moment in your time as a trustee?
We have had many funny moments around the board table, and I have enjoyed getting to know the trustees as well as our senior admin team. Having students from the various schools come in to tell us what makes each of their schools awesome has also been a highlight.

7. What do you want people to know about being a trustee?
It is a position that we take very seriously – it comes with great responsibility to make sound decisions that are best for the schools and communities that we serve. It is a commitment that goes far beyond the time spent in the boardroom, but the reward is knowing that we’ve done our best to make all our schools a great place to work and go to school!

8. What are you looking forward to in regards to the future of the Education sector?
My hope is that the province continues to work collaboratively with local boards of education to ensure that we all have a voice in the future of education for our children. Our communities rely on us to take our local knowledge and advocate on their behalf and I look forward to strengthening our relationship with provincial stakeholders.

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