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Chinook Trustee Profile: Tim Ramage

April 10, 2019

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Chinook School Division is featuring profiles on our Board members throughout the 2018-2019 school year. We gave them a series of questions to answer so our families and communities can get to know them a little better...

This month's profile is TIM RAMAGE.

Tim Ramage is a Trustee for Subdivision 8 which includes all Swift Current schools: Fairview, Central, Irwin, École Centennial, CAMPS, Maverick and SCCHS. Tim has been a Trustee for nearly 15 years, starting with the legacy Swift Current Division 94.

1. Why did you become a trustee?
I became a trustee because I honestly desire that all children and youth have the opportunity to learn and grow in an educational environment that enables them to reach their fullest potential with a strong support base.

2. What do you feel you bring to the Board table? 
I have worked much with children and youth within our community in varying capacities: operated an Open Custody Young Offender Home for Sask. Justice, youth pastor, Social Services Contract Mentor, Southwest Homes. As a result of these experiences as well as taking courses relative to working with youth who struggle with esteem and addiction issues, I believe children and youth need individual help and support.

3. What kinds of things does a board of education do?
The Board of Education works cooperatively with the Minister of Education, with the goal of enabling our School Division to deliver the services necessary to fulfill the needs of our students.

4. What is your most memorable school event or activity you have been a part of?
I’ve enjoyed many memorable moments as a Board Trustee, mainly being able to attend the Grand Re-opening of Maverick School, as well as our new Ecole Centennial School. However, what I have enjoyed most is being able to visit the schools in our division on both a formal and informal basis, and seeing how staff and students have taken the initiative to develop their school’s “personality”.

5. What do you feel is one of the most important issues facing the Education sector today?
I feel the most important issue facing the education sector today is the ongoing need for funding to deliver the educational programming that is needed to meet the needs of both teachers and students.

6. What is your most heart-warming and/or funniest moment in your time as a trustee?
The most heartwarming moments I have experienced in my time as a Trustee is when students from various schools attend Board Meetings and present their outstanding accomplishments and projects that they have been working on within their schools.

7. What do you want people to know about being a trustee?
It is my desire that teachers, staff, parents, and students know that as trustees we are approachable, and are working on their behalf to help them educate and mentor the children who are under their care.

8. What are you looking forward to in regards to the future of the Education sector?
As in the present, I am looking forward to and hoping that the number of students committing to graduate will continue to rise, and that the children who struggle will continue to receive the help they need from the new initiatives that have been implemented recently (eg. Math and ELA Interventions).

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