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Chinook Approves 2013-2014 Budget

June 04, 2014

Chinook School Division has achieved a balanced budget within the approved provincial funding for the 2013-2014 school year. The planned expenditures will allow Chinook to proceed with key strategic priorities in the areas of Math and Literacy. The work on the École Centennial joint school project with Holy Trinity School Division will continue, with an expected opening of September 2014. In addition, major projects will be undertaken at Fairview School and Leader Composite School. Smaller preventative maintenance and repair projects will be undertaken at Fox Valley, Burstall and Ponteix schools.

"While we have been able to achieve a balanced budget inclusive of capital grants, operational expenses are greater than operational revenues. Our operational allotment has been decreased in each of the last two years, and if this pattern continues, programs and services may be affected," said Randy Beler, Chinook Board Chair, "Our Board's top concern will always be the well-being and education of children, and we are committed to ensuring we have the appropriate resources available for the ultimate goal of learning for all students."

The Chinook budget will continue supporting the Math Momentum initiative that will be in its third year, as well as the maintenance of Balanced Literacy. Funding for these initiatives is integral for student success to remain a priority for Chinook. "In June 2013, the Board adopted a new Strategic Plan to guide the system over the next four years, with Math Momentum and Balanced Literacy as the key academic areas," explained Director of Education Liam Choo-Foo, "Aligning our funding to allow the flow of essential resources in numeracy, we will continue to see math coaches and lead teachers working with our schools towards the math goal. We experienced great success in Balanced Literacy with a similar model." 

When capital funding is considered, total School Division revenues are expected to be approximately $88.92m, while it is anticipated that expenditures will come in at $87.76m. This results in a non-cash surplus of $1.16m as a result of capital grants.

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