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Part 2: What does the Grad Plan include?

March 15, 2018


  • A Dynamic Career Portfolio that students develop, review and refine through high school and beyond
  • Interactive online education and career planning tool
  • High School Course Plan – to keep the student on track to graduate, ensuring prerequisites and required courses
  • Students complete lessons and activities to build their portfolio  
  • Students can continue to use it after high school
  • Under Resource Links on your high school's website

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Grad Plan Student Led Conference (SLC):

In the Spring of Grades 9, 10 and 11, students share and discuss their Grad Plan with parents/guardians or another identified supportive adult, facilitated by their teacher. 

This is the second of our five part "Chinook Grad Plan" social media series to inform Chinook families about high school graduation and career planning activities for our grade 9-12 students. Engagement and support from parents and guardians is key to student success!

Part 1: Introducing the Chinook Grad Plan...

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All high school students in Saskatchewan have a Graduation Plan Portfolio that is intended to assist them in exploring their interests, skills, values and personal skills while considering the many career pathways open to them within Saskatchewan, Canada, and beyond.
  • We want to ensure that all students are prepared to learn, belong and are valued, and are successful as they prepare for their future.
  • The Grad Plan will be developed in Grade 9 and will evolve through high school to Grade 12.
  • It will guide students in making informed decisions that impact their present and future lives.
  • This is a tool that will assist students in transitioning smoothly through high school and beyond -- to a future that is personally fulfilling and rewarding.

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