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Chinook Board Elects New Chair & Vice Chair

November 06, 2017


At the Chinook School Division Board's Organizational Meeting on November 6, the Board elected previous Vice Chair Shane Andrus as the new Board Chair and Kim Pridmore as the Vice Chair for the 2017-2018 term. 

Congratulations to Shane Andrus and Kim Pridmore! Trustee information​

External Committees Appointments:
Public Board Section and SSBA (Saskatchewan School Boards Association) Members Council: Katelyn Toney
South West Municipal Government: Tim Weinbender
SWAC (South West Athletics Council): Susan Mouland
SAMA (Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency): Tim Weinbender

Standing Committees Appointments:
Finance: Allan Bridal, Tim Ramage, Tim Weinbender
Technology: Dianne Hahn, Shannon Armstrong
Facilities: Susan Mouland, Allan Bridal
Transportation: Katelyn Toney, Larry Caswell, Tim Ramage
Employee Satisfaction and Engagement: Shannon Armstrong
Chair: Shane Andrus
Vice-Chair: Kim Pridmore
** Shane Andrus, Kim Pridmore and Director Kyle McIntyre will be de facto members of all Standing Committees

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