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Walking and Biking to School

September 27, 2017


Walking or biking to school is one of the easiest ways to build physical activity into your kids’ daily routine. We would like to remind parents and guardians to review their route and road safety rules with their children, including awareness and safe practice around hazards (water bodies, train tracks, intersections, etc.), and the importance of not accepting rides from strangers.
Why walk to school?
    • Kids develop healthy, active habits. 
    • Parents can get on with their day sooner and everyone feels less rushed in the morning.
    • Teachers and principals can worry less about traffic congestion around the school.
    • Kids can enjoy their new-found independence and the chance to spend time with friends.
    • Kids who walk to school arrive more alert & ready to learn.
Everyone enjoys safer streets when more people walk. Go to for more tips, tools and resources on being active and walking to school.

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