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Celebrate French Education Week!

June 04, 2014

Hey families, French Education week is February 4 - 8!
This year's theme is: French: an open door to the world / Le français, une porte ouverte sur le monde.

École Oman School has a lot to celebrate; all of our students are learning French whether they are taking Core French, or whether they are enrolled in French immersion.

Today in Canada, more than 150 000 students are enrolled in French-first-language schools outside of Quebec, 320 000 are in French immersion programs and more than 2 million students are enrolled in Core French. More than 8 million Canadians speak French. Around the globe, 160 million people live and work in French; and it is widely spoken on all 5 continents.

Learning French opens new doors to students, whether those doors lead to a variety of travels and adventures, careers or relationships in Canada and the world. Numerous studies even suggest that learning a second language can enhance cognitive and intellectual abilities in children.

We are proud that our students are part of a global network of people who can communicate en français!

To celebrate French Education Week, here are the activities that we will be doing at École Oman school:

Monday – Friday announcements: We will be featuring French trivia questions. Classrooms are encouraged to call in their responses.

Monday: A family trivia questionnaire will go home with the eldest of each family. Families who return the questionnaires will be entered in fun draws.

Wednesday: French Immersion classrooms will be paired up in the afternoon for French cultural activities such as making crepes, learning French Canadian dances and doing cultural crafts.

Friday: Annual All-school French Bingo. Friday Assembly will have a FI theme, we will be learning a few French songs. We will also do draws for fun French language prizes at that time.

As a parent, you can also celebrate French Education week!

Talk to your child about the history of bilingualism in Canada, and of the importance of French in our past and present. Remind them of the fantastic opportunity they have to learn a second language in school and of the opportunities that it may bring them some day.

Here are some activities you could do with your child to celebrate French Education week:

1. Make a poster highlighting the theme

2. Learn about a country where the majority of people speak French

3. Look up some fun words or expressions in French

4. Use some French vocabulary words in your day to day routines: Bonjour, Merci, Excusez-moi, Bon appétit… etc.

5. Learn the French word for a topic your child is interested in

6. Use a French website

7. Read a French book; watch a French movie (with or without subtitles)

8. Play online games in French, here are some fun sites to try out:

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