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Grad Plan Grades 9-12

​​​New Careers Planning Student Led Conference for Parents and Students

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Grad Plan Student Led Conferences: An Option for Grades 9-12

What is the focus for the Career Conference in High School?  

Chinook School Division is focused on providing information and resources to parents and students to help them plan and determine a career for their child. All Chinook Students, starting in grade 9, have access to Saskatchewan’s career development portal called myBlueprint. This portal gives Chinook students a one-stop-shop to discover and explore career paths while learning about education and training opportunities.

MyBlueprint​ is an innovative career planning tool that allows our students to investigate career and post-secondary opportunities, set career goals, develop an educational plan, and track their progress - all of which are important for future success.

Chinook students are given a password to use the portal, and receive lessons and instructions in class to support their understanding of career planning. The ultimate goal is for our students to find meaningful employment and educational opportunities.

Why the Spring Grad With A Plan Student Led Conference?

To support parent involvement in their child’s career plan, some school may arrange a Spring Student Led Conference (SLC) for students in grades 9-12 that will be focused on their child’s myBlueprint Portfolio. This will allow their child an opportunity to share some of the personal trait inventories and research they have completed around industries and occupations. Students will prepare for the Spring Conference during class time and with the support of a classroom teacher. They will communicate important information to their parents about high school courses and their initial thoughts about their career aspirations.

What is my Role as a Parent?

Parents' guide their child to make informed career choices that are appropriate for their skills, interests, and lifestyle preferences. In the big picture, parents are the major influential factor in the career development of their child. Parents know their child best and if they work along with the school, support can be provided early. When parents attend the spring SLC they will have access to information that can help support their child in meaningful course selection and start the conversation regarding the development of a career plan for their future.

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