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Extracurricular Activities

1.     Students are encouraged to participate in any of the following extracurricular activities that may be organized during the school year:

        a)  Archery                           b)     Badminton                     c)     Basketball                       d)    Bridge Club                   

        e)  Chess Club                      f)     Cross Country               g)    Curling                             h)    Drama                            

        i)    Football                            j)      Golf                               k)     Outdoor Education          l)     Peer Support                 

       m)   Soccer                             n)    SRC                                o)    Track & Field                   p)    Volleyball 

       q)   Yearbook 

Extracurricular Policy

1.     Participation in any extracurricular activity is a privilege.  These activities are an extension of the student’s education; however, academic classes must take precedence.  The staff is hopeful that students develop the time management skills to enable them to make a full commitment to all of their classes as well as to extracurricular activities.

2.     In order to participate in extracurricular activities, students must:

        a)     attend classes regularly and punctually.

        b)     exhibit appropriate behavior.

        c)     maintain a class load of at least four classes per semester.  (Exceptions may be granted for students in their final year.)

        d)    work to the best of their ability and complete homework.

        e)     have all their school fees paid.

3.     a)     If there are violations of the above criteria, teachers are to notify the administration.  The administration will then call together the Extracurricular Review Committee (ERC). The ERC will consist of at least five staff members, three of which must be present at any meeting of the committee.  At this time staff will be informed of the infraction and be asked to provide any additional pertinent information relating to the student.  Parents will be informed of the concern and that the ERC will meet with the student and discuss possible ramifications.  The ERC will review the infraction, as well as meet with the student to hear their viewpoint on the issue.  The ERC will then determine a consequence.

        b)     Possible reasons for referring a student to the ERC include:

                i)      Failing a class                                                      

                ii)     Skipping a class

                iii)    Missed assignments                                    

               iv)    Neglecting class responsibilities

                v)     Poor behavior in class                                      

                vi)    Violation of the Late Policy.

                vii)   Being removed from class for behavior

        c)     Possible consequences the ERC may recommend include, but are not restricted to:

                i)      completion of assignments                        

                ii)     time in Study Hall

                iii)    allowing the student to practice but not play a sport for 5 school days, 10 school days or 15 school days

                iv)    prohibiting a student from practicing or playing a sport for 5 days, 10 days or a month.

                v)     prohibition from practicing or playing for a season.

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