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Update for Chinook Families

September 17, 2020

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REOPEN CHINOOK - updated plan

September 23, 2020
Update for Chinook families: Vital Oxide
Chinook Update - Vital Oxide (September 2020).pdf

September 17, 2020
Letter from Kyle McIntyre, Director of Education

Dear Chinook Families,

Well, we have made it through the reopening of our schools safely. For many students, staff and families, the first day back after a 111 day hiatus was like our very first day of school. The excitement and the positive energy amongst our students and staff was truly inspiring!  

The first week of school is now behind us and for the most part, kids, staff and families are safe and happy. Yes, there are new procedures, routines and expectations but our families did a great job preparing their children for new expectations and our committed staff collectively did a great job preparing buses, classrooms, hallways and playgrounds for what they were intended for: our students.

School is community. We prepare children academically, socially, morally, intellectually and emotionally for life. The hiatus from school has illustrated to me the importance of human connection, relationships, being teammates, and the positive pivotal role we play in the lives of children and one another. A testament to our collective efforts and collective educational team – yourselves included.

We are confident that we are going to be okay. We are going to be healthy, safe and engaged academically, physically, emotionally and socially. We will continue to make the focus of our work what is best for children and look after and support one another. We are fighting a virus together. Let’s continue to be positive, let’s be kind, let’s be solution focused.

This is uncharted water for us all. Ultimately, every decision we make will be based on what is best for the health and safety of our students and staff, and what is best for our students academically. On occasion, we may err on the side of caution. If you ever have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact your school’s principal, superintendent or our central information line at: 306-778-9200 or toll-free 1-877-321-9200.

Take care and stay safe!

Director Letter - Chinook Families (Sept 17 2020).pdf

September 1, 2020
Chinook - Illness in School Protocol.png

Illness in School

The health and safety of students and staff is paramount at at Chinook schools. This infographic is an overview of the protocol that will be followed by all schools when a student becomes ill at school.

This protocol has been developed in consultation with the Saskatchewan Health Authority, and aligns with the Government of Saskatchewan guidelines and the Reopen Chinook plan.

Students and staff should never go to school if they are sick or if anyone living in the home has tested positive for COVID-19. Everyone in the home must self-isolate for 14 days from the date of last exposure if anyone tests positive.

Parents will be advised if a COVID-19 related risk is identified to the health and safety of students, staff or the local school community. Timely updates will be provided to parents and teachers about any new developments.

More details are available in the Safe Schools Plan Parent Package.

Read the updated Reopen Chinook plan.

August 27, 2020​

The Ministries of Health and Education have worked together to create a comprehensive parent package to help families prepare for the beginning of school on September 8, 2020.

The Safe Schools Plan package includes:

  • Information on the Safe Schools Plan
  • General tips for parents and caregivers
  • Mask wearing information for children
  • Information on testing options and process
  • Information on COVID-19 notification and illness in school
  • Information on the threshold for changes to in-classroom learning

 This package is also available online.​ ​

August 18, 2020

REOPEN CHINOOK Highlights Infographic.png
The Reopen Chinook plan has been shared with all staff and families. The plan contains detailed information on protective measures and procedures that will be implemented throughout the division.

Schools shared their school-specific plan highlights with families on Friday and will provide additional details in the coming weeks before school starts.

Our plans contain relevant and appropriate measures mentioned in the recent government announcements, and will evolve as required by emerging health risk assessments and government guidelines.

Please note: The provincial government has changed the official first day of school to Tuesday, September 8. Some schools may have a staggered entrance plan. Keep your eye on your email, your school’s social media or website for more information.

August 14, 2020

The health and safety of students, staff and communities is paramount for the Chinook School Division, and our teachers and support staff care greatly about the health and well-being of students, coworkers and families.

Chinook is offering learning delivery options to help students and families feel safe and comfortable in their learning environment. Please read the letter below and complete a Pre-registration Form for each student by August 20, 2020.

Schools are also emailing a letter to all families today with highlights of their school-specific reopening plan. Please read both letters before completing the form.

Reopen Chinook - Learning Delivery Options (August 14, 2020).pdf

2020-2021 Chinook Student Pre-registration Form

August 12, 2020

This update contains information on the additional protective provisions that Chinook School Division will be implementing, as well as initial information regarding learning delivery options for families. Principals will be sharing specific plans that are appropriate to their school's type, size and population in the coming weeks.

Reopen Chinook Update - Protective Provisions (August 12, 2020).pdf

August 4, 2020

On Tuesday, August 4, 2020, the Government of Saskatchewan released the Safe Schools Plan for the fall reopening of schools. Chinook School Division has released our detailed reopening plan to staff, families and the public as well. Please read the attached letter to Chinook staff and families from Director of Education, Kyle McIntyre: 

Reopen Chinook Letter to Staff and Families - August 4, 2020.pdf   

Download the Reopen Chinook plan​

PLEASE NOTE: As our student information system, MSS, has been taken offline by the ministry for the end of year rollover, our schools may be unable to email this information directly to parents until after August 12th when MSS is back online. 

June 18, 2020
​Letter from Director of Education, Kyle McIntyre and Saskatchewan Education Response Planning Team update:
Reopening Plan Update - Families June 2020.pdf

Government of Saskatchewan News Release:
Guidelines Announced For Students’ Safe Return To Prekindergarten To Grade 12 Classrooms In September

June 9, 2020
Government of Saskatchewan News Release​:
Students And Staff To Return To Class For The 2020-21 School Year, Guidelines To Be Released As Early As Next Week​

June 5, 2020

Reopening Chinook​: Memo to Chinook Staff and Families

Reopening Chinook - Memo Staff and Families (June 2020).pdf

May 21, 2020
Director Update to Families: Chinook Preparing for Fall Reopening 

As a school division, we are thinking about planning for the fall. At this time, we know that we will be back to regular classroom learning for all students rather than optional supplemental learning. What we don’t know is whether students and staff will be able to return to school or what restrictions will be in place when they do, and we likely won’t know this clearly until August.  

In the coming weeks, we will be working with teachers to ensure that no matter what the health and government restrictions are, we are able to take care of the learning needs of your children starting September 3rd when school begins. 

I know that learning at home has not been easy for you or your children. This pandemic is a difficult circumstance for all with no playbook. We are all trying to do the best we can in a challenging and uncertain time. During this pandemic, we are travelling in uncharted waters. The Premier and the Chief Medical Health Officer have ordered the closure of all provincial schools to limit the spread of the coronavirus and, more importantly, to keep our children and our communities safe. We did not choose this, we had no choice. Once we are told it is safe to gather, we will gladly reopen our schools. In our schools with children is where we all want to be. 

To date, this closure and learning from home has been effective in limiting the spread of the virus, but it is taxing and it is clearly not ideal. This is not how I want your children or my own children to learn. Provincially, behind the scenes, we are working on a plan for reopening Saskatchewan schools for the fall that will balance the health and safety of students and staff with the need of providing a strong education to our students.

Because we know it is difficult for families to have children at home, our fall planning will move forward. However, when our schools do open, there will be many necessary protective and hygienic measures that will need to be put in place to ensure student and staff safety. 

We have developed a Parent/Caregiver COVID-19 Survey (emailed to families) to collect feedback on supplemental learning at home and to guide our planning for what reopening may look like in fall 2020. Please complete the survey by Friday, May 29, 2020. 

We value what you are doing to help your children while protecting their health and safety. Please hang in there. Stay healthy and stay safe. You have been amazing partners over the past several weeks and we admire the support you have provided for your children and for the staff at Chinook. 

We are committed to use the learning we have achieved to provide even better service for students in the fall. There will be bumps in the road, but your children are going to be okay. We can’t wait to see them when it is safe for them to return to school. ​

Chinook Preparing for Fall Reopening - Parents May 2020.pdf

May 7, 2020
Provincial Education Response Planning Team Update

The Chinook Learning at Home site for families is live!​ The site contains self-directed resources intended to support your child's continued engagement with learning during school closures.​​​ Parents and caregivers are encouraged to check it out.

To read past updates, please visit: 
COVID-19 Chinook School Division and Education Response Planning Team information archive​.

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