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Orientation is a two week period during which new students decide if Maverick School is the place for them.  Students are encouraged to participate in any fun activities planned and to fully immerse themselves in the Maverick culture. Students may listen to music through headphones. Students are expected to work to full potential for all ten days to show that they are ready to return to school and are serious about getting an education. 

During orientation students are not allowed to miss school or be late. Engaging in Facebook, youtube or non-school related sites during work periods will result in the student having to end their attempt and restart orientation after a five day waiting period. Absences, not excused by a Doctor’s note, also result in a restart after five days. At any time during the two weeks, should a student be late in the morning or returning from breaks or noon hour, the student will be required to stop their orientation and restart in five days. This five day wait time applies to only first restarts. Upon the second and third restart the student is placed at the bottom of the new student waiting list and their return to orientation is dependent upon availability of space in the orientation room. Throughout the course of the year an average of 35 new students will complete orientation. For this reason it is essential that students understand the importance of orientation and show dedication to the process. 

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