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Freedom Program


In accordance with our guiding principle of Freedom = Responsibility, students may choose the Freedom program that best suits their lifestyle.

Freedom I

Freedom I students have the highest level of freedom and are thus expected to maintain the highest level of responsibility.  Typically, these students have outside responsibilities such as full-time employment or their own families. They must interview and prove their case to be considered for Freedom I status, and must maintain a near flawless record of making and keeping commitments.  Students who are unable to keep their Freedom I commitments may choose to go connected or return to Freedom II status when a seat is available.

Freedom II

Freedom II students have completed orientation and have a considerable amount of freedom within the school.  During work periods, they may get a drink, grab a coffee, go to the washroom, eat and drink at their desks, visit with friends and listen to music while they are working.  The guideline for a Freedom II break is, “Will I return to work in about five minutes?”

Freedom II students generally work on two subjects at a time, provided one of the courses is half complete. They are required to meet at least the minimum requirements of the achievement (marks) policy and are encouraged to keep a record of their plans and accomplishments each day.

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