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All students at Maverick High School, except those on orientation may choose to go connected at any time during the school year.  There are three ways a student may go connected: personal choice, violation of attendance or marks policy. Upon a student’s first connection they will have a guaranteed spot to return after five week days.  (Weekends do not count, but school holidays do). Upon a student’s second and third connection, the student is connected for a minimum of ten school days and is able to return when a spot is available. A student’s connection period begins when the student makes a responsible choice to contact their teacher, request connection and set a return date. 

Being connected means that a student is not allowed to access or engage in any distance learning academic work for their connection period. Students are welcome to visit before and after school, during lunch, during breaks as well they are encouraged to attend Friday morning class meetings, Wednesday group, yoga, art activities, and Friday activities. While students are connected they are expected to attend any teacher directed or video conferencing classes in which they are enrolled.  It is important to understand that as soon as one student chooses connection, another student from the waiting list will fill his/her spot; therefore, a second and third connection may last longer than two weeks if the school is at a maximum enrollment.

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