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Drug & Alcohol Week

Drug and Alcohol Week

During Drug Awareness Week in November, Maverick School participates in an annual mocktail competition at Maverick School. Each student who wishes to participate can either compete individually or as a group, where they create their own nonalcoholic drink.

 Each group or individual then sets up their station with their mocktail to be taste tested by the students, staff, Student Community Council and community members who wish to attend the event.

The winner of the mocktail competition is determined by the number of votes they received from the taste testers. Each taste tester is allowed one vote. The winning individual or group of the mocktail competition receives a half day skip day.

However in a turn of events there is a tie, each group or individual tied for first will then create a jingle to "sell" their mocktail drink to the audience. The winner is then determined by an applause meter. 

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