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Control Theory
Control Theory

A belief and training in Control Theory and Restitution guide the philosophies and decisions made at Maverick School.  In addition to ongoing professional growth by staff in theses areas, the students are taught these ideas individually and in groups, and the ideas are introduced to parents when interest is indicated.

Control Theory states that all behavior is purposeful and that people’s actions are guided by five needs: survival, fun, freedom, power, and love and belonging.

Control Theory is a counselling method developed by Dr. William Glasser. The first and most important step in Control Theory is to establish a good relationship with the other person.  In the school, we do this by being friendly, using humor, being respectful and caring, identifying individual’s strengths and by focusing on the present and not the past.  We listen, accept excuses and avoid judging, coercing, criticizing, or protecting the person from natural consequences.  The focus of Control Theory is to help people identify their needs, what they are doing to meet them, whether or not that method is working for themselves and for others, and to make a plan which will help them to successfully get what they want without harming themselves or others.


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