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Staff Directory





 Please feel free to contact any of our staff members at (306)778-9270 if you have questions or concerns. 


Instructional Staff                        

Mr. Arron Kohlman - Principal              

Mrs. Kelsey Tsougrianis - Vice-Principal     ktsougrianis​​

Ms. Kristen McWillie - Kindergarten (Days 1, 3, 5) 

Mrs. Jennifer Dyck - Kindergarten​ (Days 2, 4, 6) 

​Mrs. Karen Schommer - Grade 1​ 

Ms. Kris Burnett - Grade 1 

Mrs. Christie Robinson - Grade 2 

Mrs. Jobi Regier - Grade 2 

Ms. Tracy Haack - Grade 3 

Ms. Carys Nisbet - Grade 3 

Mrs. Carley Johnston - Grade 4 

Mr. Mark Siemens - Grade 4 

Mr. Logan Boyer - Grade 5     

Mrs. Shelley Fritzke - Grade 5 

Mr. Kurri Darby - Grade 5 

Mrs. Heidi Wong- Grade 6 

Mr. Trevor Froese - Grade 6  

Mr. Chris Grainger - Grade 7   

Miss Alexus Poh - Grade 7 

Mr. Brett Eltom - Grade 8 

​Ms. Brienna Gillanders - Grade 8

Mrs. Christine Thompson - PAA Home Ec. 

Mr. Steve Dyck - PAA Shop 

Mrs. Michelle Michaluk - Student Services Teacher          

Miss Michaila Jersak - Band 

Ms. Michele Gurski - Counsellor 

Mrs. Ashley Tinant - Elementary 

Mrs. Lynn Anderson - Cyber School 


Support Staff

Mrs. Heather Painchaud- Office 

Mrs. Joy Ostrander - Office 

Mrs. Debbi Bleackley - Library   

Mrs. Nancy Aitken - Supervisor  

Ms. Holly Andreas   

Mrs. Lauren Carnahan

Mrs. Tracy Chapman

Miss Rebecca Davies

Mrs. Laurie English    

Mrs. Maureen Hanson    

MIss Kaylee Kyle

Mrs. Carlin Lee     

Mrs. Jeanne Myers    

Mrs. Amy Popick  

Mrs. Liz Ramage

Mrs. Gladys Sierra 

Mrs. Carla Weinbender

​Facility Operators

Mr. Paul Perkins​ - Head Facility Operator

Mr. Lawrence Forde

Ms. Chris Campbell

Mr. Jules Francisco    

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