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Chinook Director of Education Named Chief Project Officer for Provincial Initiatives

March 29, 2017


Along with the release of the provincial budget last week, came an announcement that Liam Choo-Foo, Director of Education for Chinook, has been named Chief Project Officer for provincial initiatives. Choo-Foo has demonstrated effective leadership at a provincial level with the Saskatchewan Reads initiative and hopes to replicate the success of the recent project in his new role. 

Choo-Foo has been seconded and will take leave from Chinook for one year with plans to return to Chinook in April 2018. Liam and his family will maintain residence in Swift Current which will enable him to work on the provincial project from the Chinook office, combined with a significant amount of time in Regina. 

Board Chair Larry Caswell explains that while the Board will definitely miss Liam, they did not want to stand in the way of this opportunity, “We are very happy for him and really can’t help but be pleased that the job Liam is taking on will essentially affect the whole province. Liam is a great communicator and expert in his craft and as a leader he is open to change, consultation and experimentation to find best practice in the education of all students,” said Caswell, “In addition to being a good citizen of the education community, he has been a generous contributor to our community at large and will be missed in that aspect as well.” The Board does not expect to see a change in the overall direction of the Division and plan to continue on the path of doing the best they can with the resources available for students.

Liam Choo-Foo has been the Director of Education at Chinook since amalgamation eleven years ago as the first official employee, and has built a strong organization that will remain focused on the strategic plan and keeping students at the forefront. “It was with mixed emotions that I made this decision,” said Choo-Foo, “While I am proud of the amazing work we have done in Chinook, I am intrigued with the opportunity I have been given to take on some meaningful provincial work that will have lasting impact on the sector as a whole.” 

As this appointment was made very recently, it has resulted in a tight timeline for decisions and arrangements. A succession plan is being put into place, and the Board will finalize details and make an announcement next week.

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