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School Community Council (SCC)

SCC Engagement and Alignment Plan Stewart Valley (2019-20) (2).pdf

Our School Community Council meets on the first Monday of the month at 7 pm in the school library. All are welcome.


 SCC projects update

  • Chromebooks were delivered in October

  • Board games were received

  • Fowl Supper - approximately 290 tickets were sold

  • Education Week Student Author event - Writer’s Cafe 

    • 15 people from 11 of 22 families were represented; 50% of families

    • 13 students of 28 in attendance read at the Writer’s Cafe before we ran out of time; 46%

  • Farm Safety Education Day - Took place on November 26th

    • Students were engaged

    • Success School also came here for the presentation

  • Anti-vaping education

    • Received info from Health Canada and Chinook at the end of October to create school awareness and campaign especially to work with Room 3

  • Christmas Craft Activity took place on December 20th (Thank you!!)

    • 12 SCC members and community volunteers helped with the crafts

    • Students loved the crafts and enjoyed the Pizza Lunch

  • Subscriptions and resources have been ordered

  • Books and Breakfast on February 14th

    • 15 guests in the school for breakfast and reading

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