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Principal's Message


It is with great excitement that I begin my journey as principal of Stewart Valley School.

The staff, parents, and community members I have met thus far have welcomed me as I

transition into this new role. If I have not yet connected with you, I look forward to the

opportunity in the near future. In time, I believe that you will recognize my passion for

education. I take great pride in the work that I do and strive to improve myself personally

and professional each and every day.

Upon joining the school team, I quickly recognized that Stewart Valley School is a great

place to be. The student achievement and parental involvement quickly caught my

attention. The staff know the students and community, and they work together as a

team. My intention is to build on these wonderful things and help the school

continuously improve.

This school year is going to look like no other. We all find ourselves in unprecedented

times, faced with unique and never before seen challenges. Increased flexibility and

patience will be required for us all. As the ongoing pandemic is constantly changing, it is

anticipated that the school year will change along with it.

Working together, I know that we can make this a safe and meaningful school year.

Mr. Wipf





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