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​Eastend School       Coaches/ Supervisors 2019/2020

Sr. Girls Volleyball                 Miss C. Morvik /  Mr. Johnson

Jr. Girls Volleyball                 Ms. Kerr / Ms. Stangeland

Jr. Boys Volleyball                 Ms. Kerr / Ms. Stangeland

Cross Country                        Mrs. Hanson

Golf                                         Mr. Medforth

Sr. Curling                                Mr. Johnson

Jr. Curling                                Ms. Melhoff/Mrs. Johnson

Sr. Badminton                         Mrs.  Johnson

Jr. Badminton                         Ms. Kerr / Mr. Johnson

Track and Field                      

Yearbook                                Mrs. TophamBrown

SADD                                        Mrs. Hanson

SRC                                           Mr. Daigle, Miss Melhoff

Drama                                     Mrs. Hanson

Grad                                        Mr. Daigle



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All visitors, including parents and/or other family members, are REQUIRED to check in at the office immediately upon arrival at the school. Please note: As of 9:05 a.m., all doors of our school are locked except for the main south entrance. Safety of our children is our first priority!