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Fish In Schools (FinS)

January 09, 2020

​Central School has been selected to be a part of the FinS Program!

Please continue to check the website for further updates and pictures.

​​The Fish in Schools (FinS) Program began in Saskatchewan in 2013 as a program of the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation. The program was adopted from the Alberta Fish in Schools: Raise to Release program. Thanks to the resources provided by the Alberta program, FinS was modified to provide a similar learning experience for students in Saskatchewan. FinS is a vehicle for educators to teach students of all ages about trout and their habitat in both indoor and outdoor classroom settings. Over the course of 4-5 months, students monitor the development of rainbow trout from the egg through the fry stage in an aquarium in their classroom. Students have ample incentive to learn because they soon understand that survival of their fish depends on their ability to maintain a healthy environment in their aquarium. An approved release site is selected with the assistance of the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation and Ministry of Environment. The class also participates in the release of their fish to complete the program. Rainbow trout are not native to Saskatchewan but have been introduced to create new fishing opportunities. As such, rainbow trout survive in some of our waters but are not specifically suited to thrive in a Saskatchewan’s environment. In most waters in the province, rainbow trout cannot naturally reproduce. All the rainbow trout stocked in Saskatchewan are produced at the Fort Qu’Appelle Fish Culture Station. 

Click photo to view the video:

​​Fish March.jpg

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Fish In Schools Video1.m4v

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