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Grades 1-5 Learning at Home


Teachers will plan and deliver supplemental learning activities worth approximately 5 hours per week. This could be 1 hour a day with components of math, ELA and writing for example. There will be optional opportunities to incorporate other areas of learning as well. Communicate with your teacher about your needs and your home schedule, as well as the level of support you are able to offer your child. If there are issues with technology or with the lessons, please let your child’s teacher know right away.

Our purpose is to keep connected to you, as well as engage your child in continuing their learning. Do what you can! Our job is to provide the opportunities to you, if you are able to take advantage of them. Don’t feel judged or pressured to complete or accomplish everything every week.


Students in Grades 1-5 thrive within a daily routine. Children respond best when they know what to expect and what is expected of them. Building in healthy meals and snacks at regular times, outdoor activity, and hands-on activities throughout the day are very important in developing confidence and skills with our young children. 

Give your child family responsibilities and daily chores such as meal preparation, cleaning, yard work. Your child will also enjoy learning more with you about things you enjoy and are passionate about. Share your expertise and passion in things such as cooking,  gardening, farming, painting, etc. Your child may also have an area of interest that they would like to develop or explore.

We would recommend daily reading (at least 15 minutes twice a day) prior to allowing screen time in addition to any learning opportunities the teacher has provided. 

Here are some additional things to consider when developing your expectations and routines:

  • the age of your child 
  • the number of children you have in the home 
  • the type of learning activities that have been assigned
  • access to or lack of access to technology
  • how long your child  can work on a learning activity and how often they will need breaks
  • your own schedule
  • an appropriate work space
The following is a sample schedule that you could use with your child. The schedule is meant to be a guide and is flexible. The activities could be spread out throughout the week or throughout the day. Re-evaluate regularly and make adjustments if necessary. Remember, it does take some time to get adjusted to new routines. Remember to have fun!

​Sample Learning Schedule_ Grades 1-5.pdf​

Sora.pngSORA Digital Library

Access e-books and audiobooks online. Link to your public library to view even more choices! Available in your browser, or download the app from the app store. App Instructions: Once downloaded, search for β€œ Saskatchewan Schools”, then select Chinook School Division. Sign in with your Chinook username and password. 

Library​​​2Go: Chinook Library E-Books and Audiobooks​

Students can access e-books and audiobooks (link tile below) from the provincial library system if they have a library card. If students do not have a library card, they can can complete an online application for a temporary library card number to borrow materials during this time.​

Math at Home

​​Thank you for encouraging your child to continue their education in these unusual circumstances. 

Please remember it is not your role to teach new skills in math. During this supplemental learning period we hope you are able to find joy working with your child to practice skills they have already acquired. This is the perfect time to celebrate your child’s accomplishments and to see what they have learned so far this year. 

You child’s teacher will continue to share appropriate practice materials to guide your time together. Remember there is still value in the everyday math that you are already doing (e.g., baking, playing games, noticing patterns). 

Most importantly, keep in mind that your experience together should be remembered as an enjoyable time. If you and your child are struggling to work on the assignments together, check in with your teacher so that you are able to adjust the expectations.

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