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Shane Andrus

Subdivision 1

Dr. Shane Andrus resides in Burstall with his lovely wife of seventeen years. He is the Trustee representing Subdivision No. 1, which is located on the west side of the School Division. It includes the schools in the communities of Burstall, Fox Valley and Leader. Raised on the prairies, Shane is familiar with rural life as his family was engaged in mixed farming. Those early days on the farm were formative years.

Education has been a passion for Shane and his experiences with the education system come both as a student and an instructor. He possesses a Bachelor of Arts degree, Masters Degree, and Doctoral degree, and has taught at Medicine Hat College. His wife works as a Teacher’s Aide. Professionally Shane has worked for fifteen years as a pastor of a rural congregation. As well, for seventeen years he has worked in private practice as a clinical counsellor. 

Shane has been extensively involved in the community. As a resident of Burstall he has organized and promoted community and regional events for the past fifteen years. This includes being Chair of the Burstall & District Fall Fair for two terms, and a Member of the Leader & District Ministerial Association. For hobbies he enjoys swimming, riding a Kona trail bike, and Honda CBR motorcycle. As well, he likes walking the dogs and jogging.

As a School Board Member, Shane believes in creating an environment that fosters four core actions: consulting, creating, changing, and contributing. Shane finds inspiration in the words of Nelson Mandela, who once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.​"
RandyBeler.jpg ​​
Larry Caswell

Subdivision 2

Larry Caswell represents Subdivision 2 in the northern central section of Chinook, which includes the school communities of Cabri, Stewart Valley, Success and Hazlet. He was elected as a Board member when Chinook was formed in June 2005. 

Larry attended schools in Orillia, Success High School and O.M. Irwin Collegiate in Swift Current. Following school, Larry worked at the Royal Bank of Canada, Imperial Oil and Elections Canada. He is presently a self-employed farmer in the Success area.

Larry has spent most of his life in southwest Saskatchewan and was elected to the Prairie West School Division (Swift Current Rural School Division) in 1988. His community involvement has included the Wheat Valley Rural Telephone Co., the Success Community Hall, the Success Curling Rink and the United Grain Growers.​​
TimWeinbender.jpg​ ​
Tim Weinbender

Subdivision 3

Tim Weinbender is a trustee for Subdivision 3, which includes the school communities of Herbert, Hodgeville and Waldeck. He was elected to the Chinook Board in October 2009.

Tim’s educational background includes attending Kindergarten to Grade 12 at Morse, followed by attendance at the Saskatchewan Technical Institute (now SIAST) in Moose Jaw. His past work experience include marketing, sales and public relations. Presently, Tim operates a mixed farming operation north of Morse.

Tim’s recent community involvement includes serving on the Morse School Community Council and the Morse School Review Committee. Tim and his wife Bonnie have 3 children – Ashlynn, Clark and Madison.​​​​​​
Katelyn Toney
Vice Chair & Trustee

Subdivision 4
​Katelyn Toney is the Trustee for Subdivision 4, which includes schools in Wymark, Gull Lake and Tompkins as well as numerous Hutterian schools. Katelyn obtained a degree in Agriculture from the University of Saskatchewan and has had her own successful photography business for the last six years. She still owns her own business as well as ranches, alongside her husband Paul, north of Tompkins.  

Katelyn is very involved in her community. Her and her husband have four young children: the older two attending school in Tompkins. Growing up in the rural community of Simmie, Katelyn has a passion for the quality education of rural students and believes it is essential to make decisions in the best interest of the kids. She plans to work passionately to ensure that your community has a voice and has every opportunity to thrive and grow, starting where it matters most - with the education of your children.

Kimberly Pridmore
Chair & Trustee

Subdivision 5
​Kim Pridmore has lived in the Maple Creek/Consul area most of her life, graduated from MCCHS in 1991, and has resided in the Consul area since 1996. She is a mom to three busy teenagers, and enjoys watching her kids participate in all their sports and activities. She works full time as an administrator for a tire shop in Consul, along with doing contract safety work and recently completed EMR training to volunteer on the local ambulance crew. 

Kim has volunteered on the Consul School Community Council for the past several years and feels that her involvement has been valuable to recognize the importance of keeping school and community connected. She has been a spare bus driver as well, and has seen first-hand the challenges of transportation in our Division.  

Kim looks forward to serving the communities of Maple Creek and Consul, and working with people who share the same commitment to providing excellent education for all students.

​​​Gwen Humphrey

Subdivision 6

​Gwen Humphrey is the Trustee for Subdivision 6, which includes the school communities of Eastend, Frontier, Shaunavon, as well as several Hutterian schools.  

Gwen lives in Eastend with her husband, where she has been helping him run his cattle/trucking & trenching business for close to 50 years. Her job experience includes managing the co-op grocery store in town, working for a photographer for 7 years, and she was an SGI customer service representative for 7 years. She has served on the Innovation Credit Union Board for the past 8 years.

Gwen is devoted to all of her kids and enjoys living vicariously through her grandchildren. Her interest in representing her subdivision as a trustee stems from her love for children. She is very passionate about education in the rural environment.

​​​Susan Mouland​

Subdivision 7

​​Susan Mouland was born in Hodgeville where she attended elementary and high school. She graduated from Hair Design Academy in 1987 and worked in various salons in Swift Current. After she married husband Bruce in 1989 and obtaining her Journeyman certification, she opened her own hair salon in Vanguard in April of 1990. She still owns her own business and helps her husband on their farm with the cattle and grain operation. Susan also worked in the Chinook School Division as a noon-hour supervisor and facility operator from 2008 until September of 2016, when she made the decision to run for school board trustee. 

Susan has been on the local Co-op Board for over 10 years and also sits on the Vanguard and District Recreation Board. Susan and her husband have three children: their two daughters have graduated from Vanguard School and their son will soon graduate from Vanguard School as well. Susan ran for the position of trustee because she wants to keep rural schools viable and she is very interested in the education of our children and passionate about their futures.

Allan Bridal 2283.jpg
Allan Bridal​​

Subdivision 8

​Allan Bridal moved to Swift Current in 1980 with SaskPower. He started his own construction business in 1985 and is still active in business today. From 1990 to 2002 he served the Swift Current community for several terms as a public school board member and then a city councillor.
Allan continues his community involvement to this day with his business, as Chairman of the PPIH Board and sitting as a board member on the Great Plains College Board. Allan was able to influence the direction of education for his children, step children and all their friends as well as the tax payers. He is happy to again be able to help guide the direction of education for our region.
With his experience and caring nature, Allan is honored to continue to serve the rate payers of the southwest region.

Dianne Hahn

Subdivision 8
​Dianne Hahn is a trustee for Swift Current, Subdivision 8, where she and her husband, Gord reside. They have one grown son, Tyler. Dianne attended Waldeck School and graduated from the Swift Current Comprehensive High School. She also attended the local College, Saskatoon Business College and took correspondence courses through the University of Regina. She holds her certification for both an Urban and Rural Administrator. 

While Dianne’s son attended Oman, Fairview and Swift Current Comprehensive High School she volunteered at the schools, including being a member of the School Community Councils (SCCs). Dianne has been employed in municipal government throughout her working career and is currently employed with the RM of Excelsior No. 166 and the Resort Village of Beaver Flat. 

Dianne believes that education is very important to our future and wants to contribute to the Division providing a quality education where students can learn and grow as individuals, as well as be the place where people want to work. Dianne is inspired by the quote from Martin Luther King Jr. that reads “Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.​
TimRamage.jpg ​
Tim Ramage

Subdivision 8
Tim Ramage resides in Swift Current and was elected to the Swift Current School Division in 2003 and the Chinook School Division in 2005.

Tim is a graduate of Mount Royal Collegiate in Saskatoon. He also received his Retail Meat-Cutting Certificate from SIAST (Saskatoon), a 2-year Christian Ministry Diploma from International Bible College, and a Certificate in Business Management from Henson College in Halifax, N.S.

Tim was a meat cutter for more than 20 years. He has also been a Youth Pastor for 8 years, as well as a Young Offender Open Custody Home Operator for the Dept. of Justice for 8 years. Tim is currently employed at South West Homes.

Tim’s community involvement includes being a former board member and chairperson of the Family Life Centre, Former Church Board Member, a former Board Member of the Broken Arrow Youth Ranch, a Social Services Service Provider, and also served on the Board of Governance for the Swift Current Comprehensive High School. Tim has a heart and a passion for the youth of his city.​​​

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